Aftercare of a root canal treatment procedure

Even with proper anaesthesia, the root canal treatment will cause some pain and discomfort afterwards. Your dentist is likely to write you a prescription for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen. Take them as prescribed, even if you do not feel like you are in pain. The procedure will cause some inflammation, so it is not just about managing the pain but also the swelling that will occur. Proper aftercare is essential both for pain management and for preventing any infection.

Aftercare can be divided into three stages: immediately after the procedure, over the next few days, and in the future.

  1. Immediately after the procedure

It will take some time for the effects of anaesthesia to wear off, your mouth is still going to be numb for at least a few hours after you have had your procedure. During this time, it is important that you do not eat anything that needs chewing or drink anything hot. If you do so, you may burn your mouth or bite down too hard on the tooth. If you have received your prescription for pain medication, then it is good to take it accordingly. After the procedure, it is best to rest, the pain and discomfort should be quite minimal.

  1. The next few days

Follow these measures to ensure a successful recovery:

-> Continue to take your medication as prescribed

-> Eat softer foods

-> Take care to chew on the side of your mouth that did not go through the procedure

-> Be careful when brushing the tooth, do not be too aggressive

The pain should subside within a few days. In more serious cases, you may have to return at least once more for the infected pulp to be completely removed.

  1. The future

Even if the pain is no longer there, you cannot neglect future appointments. This is due to the filling which is used in a root canal for temporary usage only, you will need a crown eventually. This is because the tooth may be damaged during the procedure. Also, it is quite likely that a tooth requires more than one cleaning especially if it is severely infected by the time you undergo the procedure. Therefore, do not neglect any sort of follow-up.

Can complications still occur?

As with any dental procedure or even surgery, there is a risk of complications. These include infections, unremoved pulp, or the cracking of the tooth if you neglect to follow proper aftercare procedures. Contact a dentist if your pain or swelling worsens after the first couple of days.

Do not fear a root canal treatment

It is quite likely that you are going to be more stressed leading up to your root canal than afterward. The procedure is relatively painless, leading only to mild discomfort and pain for a few days. Even root canal aftercare is a simple procedure.

Overall, root canal treatment is still a good option to remove an infected tooth. If you are still hesitant on getting the treatment or want to explore the other option, feel free to contact us at 1728 Dental to book a consultation:

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