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Side effects of deep cleaning

Scaling and root planing are referred as deep cleaning and are usually recommended to treat the early stage of gum disease or Gingivitis. Scaling involves removing plaque and tartar from below the gumline while root planing smoothes the tooth root and helps the gum reattach to the tooth.

When do you need a Root Canal treatment?

Root canal treatment, simply put, is a procedure to repair and save a tooth that is badly infected or decayed without actually extracting the tooth. The treatment involves removing an infection from the infected pulp of a tooth.

New risks of Root Canal treatment

Although a root canal treatment is a common thing in today’s medically advanced world, risks and complications may arise unexpectedly. You should always be aware of such things before a procedure as it is better to go in prepared.

Teledentistry: Indispensable for modern dentists

With teledentistry, you can now use your smartphone or desktop to consult your doctor or dentist and access professional dental care services remotely.

Who are dental implants not suitable for?

Although dental implants are a great solution to address missing teeth, they are unfortunately not for everyone. To begin with, teenagers or very young adults are cautioned against dental implants because they can expect further jawbone growth

Aftercare of a root canal treatment procedure

Even with proper anaesthesia, the root canal treatment will cause some pain and discomfort afterwards. Your dentist is likely to write you a prescription for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs like ibuprofen.

What is dental crowning?

A crown is a cover or cap to put over your tooth. A crown restores a damaged or missing tooth to its normal shape, size and function. A crown can protect the tooth or improve the way it looks.

Does dental implant surgery hurt?

There are numerous benefits associated with dental implants as a form of tooth replacement. However, because dental implants can only be achieved via “surgery”, people tend to dread getting dental implants

Dental crowning procedure

You will typically have two visits to the dentist to prepare for a dental crown. In some cases, your dental crown can be made in your dentist’s office.

Dental bridges Vs. dental implants

Losing a tooth or multiple teeth is an unpleasant experience. Thankfully, dental technologies and procedures have advanced over the years and there are many tooth replacements options that can restore the perfect smiles.

Dental implants for teenagers

Dental implants can be a great solution for anyone looking for a straightforward way to missing teeth. They are ideal because they provide a replacement for missing and lost teeth. Implants are strong and stable, they also look, feel and function like natural teeth.

How to prepare for a wisdom tooth surgery

It is normal to worry about a wisdom tooth surgery. However, you can feel less anxious and more confident when you follow a few steps to prepare for your wisdom tooth removal.

Complications involved with a wisdom tooth extraction

Although wisdom tooth extraction is a common procedure, there can be a risk of complications associated with the procedure. Complications can include swelling, bleeding, or numbness in the jaw.

Scaling and Polishing, only at $88

Scaling and polishing, also known as teeth cleaning, is one of the most basic dental treatments. Even with brushing and flossing after every meal, plaque and calculus (or more commonly known as tartar)

Important facts about root canal treatment

Most of us fear a root canal treatment due to claims about the level of pain and discomfort associated with it. However, having a clear and accurate idea of

How long do I need to wear braces?

On average, it takes about 24 months to complete an orthodontic treatment. Some patients require less than 12 months, but there are also patients requiring up

How does it feel like to have new dentures?

New dentures may feel a little odd or loose for a few weeks until the muscles of the cheeks and tongue are accustomed

What causes broken dentures?

Broken dentures can cause a lot of worry. These advanced teeth replacement option is a vital lifeline for those who wear them, allowing them to carry out daily

No Pain, No need for dentist

Sounds familiar? Well, you are not alone. “No pain” is the top reason many patients cited in surveys for not visiting the dentist. A 2012 study reported by Singapore Health found that

Dental Implant – Your second Permanent Tooth

Dental implants are titanium ‘roots’ which, when placed in the upper or lower jaw, bond with the bone, thus acting as anchors for the

Wisdom tooth out still wise!

When there is no sufficient room in your mouth to allow the third molars to fully erupt, a number of problems can occur. Ideally, impacted wisdom teeth should be extracted

Pain Relief after Braces

It is normal for you to feel discomfort and pain after the orthodontist puts on your braces or even after every adjustment when your wires are tightened. There are ways to get relief

Importance of Dental Implant

Despite breakthroughs with dental care, many still suffer from tooth loss, tooth decay and even injury. Treatment options include dentures and bridges for people with missing

No Rushing while Brushing

Always remember the Magic number 2 for your brushing routine! Brush at least twice a day with fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes, especially first thing in the morning

Enhancements to CHAS and the Merdeka Generation

1728 Dental Group is excited about the upcoming Merdeka Generation Package subsidies. Just like the current Community

What is the aftercare of a teeth whitening procedure?

Achieving a whiter smile does not stop at the end of a teeth whitening procedure, what you do after is equally important in determining

Problem with dentures and what you can do

What are the common problems with dentures?1. Reduced retention Full dentures are fitted on the jaw via suction because there

How to prevent stains from coffee

How does coffee stain your teeth? Before we delve into the ways at which coffee stains can be removed from your teeth, we should first understand the cause. The biggest culprits are

How often should I replace my toothbrush?

Recall when was the last time you replaced your toothbrush. We can throw out expired food, restock vitamins and supplements, yet

Benefits of Teeth Whitening

A pearly white smile may seem unattainable despite most of us longing for one, especially in a world where teeth staining is common due to the availability of coffee, soda, tea and

Osstem Dental Implant System

In 1728 Dental Practice, we work exclusively with Osstem Dental Implants because their implant technology is highly researched and their implants are of the highest quality. While

Preventing teeth grinding

Teeth grinding is a more common than you think, and it happens to us occasionally. It is also referred to as bruxism. The occasional grinding of the teeth do not cause much

Dental Phobia

To overcome your fear of dental implants, you must be prepared to face what it entails. This is easily solved by understanding some tips as a copingstrategy and ensuring that the

Costs involved in dental implants

When it comes to dental implants, the cost can be discouraging. While dental implants generally cost more compared to other options, their value can be justified with a

Comprehensive guide to Dental Implants

Missing teeth can be an embarassing situation for anyone, and for the worst-case scenario, they can make daily life uncomfortable with issues that affect your

Chas subsidies

What is CHAS? The Community Health Assist Scheme (CHAS) enables Singapore Citizens from lower-and middle-income households to receive medical and dental care subsidies only

Aftercare of dental implant procedure

What is the aftercare for dental implant procedure? Although a dental implant procedure is usually considered short and simple, it is the recovery process that requires