Dental Phobia

To overcome your fear of dental implants, you must be prepared to face what it entails. This is easily solved by understanding some tips as a coping strategy and ensuring that the experience is a lot more comfortable for you. However, before going through these tips, it is important that you understand what dental implants are and what you can achieve from them.

What is achieved

Dental implants were invented in 1952 and has become common nowadays.They are even considered the standard of care for prosthetic replacement of missing teeth as opposed to dentures or bridges. Dental implants require a simple surgical procedure, where they are placed in the jawbone. Over a period of months, they are fused with the bone through a process called osseointegration. They act as a replacement for the missing tooth’s root and will help to hold the replacement tooth in place. With innovations in the field of dentistry, the success rate of a dental implant procedure is close to 98%. That being said, it is natural for patients to still face anxiety and fear which are common in any surgical procedure. To overcome these emotions, these are some tips you can take note of to make the procedure less daunting:

Step-by-step Guide

1. Choose a dentist you are confident with

Knowing that you are in good hands makes a vast difference to what you will feel before going in for a procedure. Choose a dentist that you are familiar with or one that is reputable in carrying out dental implant procedures.

2. Try to book an appointment earlier

Muster the courage to set an appointment date for a dental implant procedure as soon as possible. This will prevent you from delaying any longer as you have a date in mind and this gives you a fixed time to be emotionally prepared.

3. Feel free to ask any questions beforehand

They say that ignorance is bliss, however this is far from the truth. It is better going in prepared and be in the know about what to expect during a dental implant procedure. Dentists are more than glad to share details on dental implants so that this keeps you informed in every step of the way. You will be less worried if you are not dealing with the unknown.

4. Bring someone with you

As a dental implant procedure can be daunting, it is always comforting to have someone with you while waiting, they can provide you with emotional support. Even before the day of the procedure, you can consider talking to someone who has successfully went through a dental implant procedure that will be more reassured about it.

5. Distract yourself while you are waiting

While you are waiting for your appointment or for your dentist to set up, try occupying your brain. Try thinking about the new smile you can achieved from dental implants when you emerge from the procedure. If your mind is engaged in another activity, you are less likely to worry.

6. Listen to relaxing music

Choose a playlist that puts you at ease. This includes music that is soothing to listen to, such as classical and this will help to lessen some of the anxiety that is building up in you when waiting for a dental implant procedure.

7. Engage in breathing techniques

Inhale and exhale steadily and deeply, this will force you to concentrate and take your mind off the coming dental implant procedure.

8. Improve communication with your dentist

We would recommend that Agree on a signal with your dentist to stop if you are feeling too uncomfortable during the dental implant procedure. There could be a point in time when you cannot communicate verbally with your dentist. Hence, it is important that you can communicate through non-verbal means such as hand signals. Your dentist or hygienist can then give you a moment to recover before they continue.

9. Consider sedation

If you really find yourself suffering from extreme phobia, consider using sedation. This will help you to endure the procedure a bit better and hopefully diminish the fear you may have regarding dental implants. You are more than welcome to ask for sedation as clinics will accommodate to your individual needs and preferences.

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