Benefits of Teeth Whitening

A pearly white smile may seem unattainable despite most of us longing for one, especially in a world where teeth staining is common due to the availability of coffee, soda, tea and that glass of red wine. However, it is much easier to achieve this than what most think, with a simple teeth whitening procedure that can provide many benefits, some of which are listed below:

An anti-aging procedure

Whiter teeth will make you look and feel younger, partly because we associate white teeth with youth and beauty. It is also because we tend to smile more with whiter teeth as we like our smile. People who smile often are generally perceived to be younger. Hence, a simple teeth whitening procedure can help maintain a youthful appearance.

Improves self-esteem and increase confidence

With the removal of persistent stains, this will brighten your smile, making you feel less self-conscious of your smile. Your smile will no longer be a cause of embarrassment but a source of confidence. There will be no need to smile with a closed mouth or hide your teeth behind your hand when laughing or talking. Teeth whitening can thus boost your self-esteem and this is important as a smile is usually one of the first things people use to make their assessment of you and your personality.

Least intrusive and conservative option

There are many alternatives to achieve a whiter smile, however some requires teeth preparation such as veneers or crowns. While these treatments tend to be longer lasting than a simple teeth whitening procedure, some of your teeth structure can be lost through the etching process in teeth preparation, which is required for the veneer or crown to bond properly to the teeth. Unlike these treatments, teeth whitening procedure is a much conservative manner to achieve your desired results.

Easy maintenance

Avoid foods and drinks which can stain your teeth for the first 24 hours after a whitening procedure. Doing so will ensure the success of your teeth whitening procedure and help the results be longer lasting. This is crucial as teeth have a protective layer called the acquired pellicle, which contains surface stains and is removed during the whitening procedure. It takes roughly 24 hours for this barrier to fully develop again. During this development phase, try to avoid dark foods and drinks such as coffee, tea, soft drinks, red wine and sauces to minimize re-staining. As a general rule of thumb, anything that can stain a white t-shirt will stain your teeth. It is also obvious to say that tobacco products should be avoided while whitening.

Better oral health

A common observation for patients who have had their teeth whitened is that they tend to show an improvement in their oral hygiene routine. With whiter teeth, one will be more invested in taking good care of it, Regular brushing, flossing and visits to the dentist for professional cleanings is observed in these patients as they want to maintain the results after a teeth whitening procedure.Thus, whitening not only helps you achieve a brighter smile, but it can improve your overall oral health and prevent many diseases.

Therefore, do not hesitate any longer to ahieve your desired smile, talk to a dentist right now to see whether teeth whitening is the right solution for you.
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