What causes broken dentures?

Broken dentures can cause a lot of worry. These advanced teeth replacement option is a vital lifeline for those who wear them, allowing them to carry out daily functions such as eating, talking and smiling comfortably. With breakage, fear can quickly set in. Not addressing the problem or attempting to fix them by yourself with over-the-counter denture repair kit may cause more issues in the long run. This can cost more than if you were to get your dentures fixed right away.

To help you avoid breaking your dentures, below are three leading causes behind broken dentures as well as tips to prevent them.

  1. Dentures are dropped

The most common cause of broken dentures is the most avoidable. There is always a risk of dropping dentures and suffering a chip, crack or full break if they are taken out. While patients who wear complete or partial dentures are constantly reminded to be careful when removing and inserting them, as time passes, we all are likely to get increasing careless with things.


While caution is the best solution when it comes to taking out and wearing dentures to avoid them breaking while dropping. There are a couple of things you can do to limit the risk of them slipping out of your fingers. You can first fill your bathroom sink with water and place towels along the edge of the counter to help soften the impact.

  1. Dentures are fitted poorly

Dentures with a poor fit are at an increased risk of breaking and they can also causeyou pain or discomfort. Hence, it is crucial that you book an appointment with your denturist as soon you realize they are not fitting like they used to.

When dentures become a poor fit, they can be under pressure or face stress they were not designed to withstand. It is often the shape of a patient’s mouth that have changed, once their natural teeth are no longer present or removed, instead of the dentures themselves, which causes the poor fit. This is due to the jawbone having no support from the roots of teeth, which leads to a degradation of the structure.


Unfortunately, the process of the jawbone breaking down cannot be stopped once there are no longer any dental roots within it. Good oral hygiene and a diet of healthy foods can help to slow down this progression. The best you can do to avoid breaking of dentures from an improper fit is to realign or readjust them as soon as they are not fitting right.

  1. Dentures experience wear and tear

This is the most unavoidable cause for the breaking of dentures. While dentures are becoming more durable, they are still subjected to wear and tear from usage. Pressures of chewing and changes in temperature can gradually wear them down. They become more vulnerable to breaking.


Routine denture care and maintenance as well as avoiding acidic foods can help to slow down wear and tear of dentures. Visiting a denturist regularly for check-ups can help to detect issues earlier on, allowing for adjustments or repairs that can save your dentures from breaking.

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