Who are dental implants not suitable for?

Although dental implants are a great solution to address missing teeth, they are unfortunately not for everyone. To begin with, teenagers or very young adults are cautioned against dental implants because they can expect further jawbone growth which will be complicated by the fixture of dental implants to the jaw. This is because natural teeth are expected to move and shift position along with normal growth and jaw development, but dental implants do not. In contrast, dental implants are fixed to the jawbone to replace tooth roots, making their location permanent, and this will affect future growth.

Besides teenagers or very young adults who can expect further jawbone growth, there are other reasons that dental implants may not be suited to you. For instance, there are some medical conditions that may not completely rule you out but are a cause for further discussion. These include:

-> Uncontrolled diabetes

-> Alcoholism

-> Severe gingivitis

-> Cancer

-> Suppressed immunity

– > Osteonecrosis of the jaw

The last medical condition listed, Osteonecrosis, is a rare condition caused by consuming a class of prescription drugs known as Bisphosphonates. This medication is usually taken for osteoporosis and are under several names:

-> Fosamax

-> Actonel

-> Boniva

-> Reclast

If you are taking any of these then you should discuss this is in detail with your dentist. These drugs work by preventing osteoclast cells destroying bone, which is part of the treatment for osteoporosis. But inhibiting the osteoclasts also affects the matrix of the bone, which can lead to osteonecrosis of the jaw. This is also known as ‘death of the jawbone’. According to the Singapore Medical Journal, the risk is greater amongst ageing populations, as we have here in Singapore. While the overall occurrence of this is rare, it is always worth keeping your dentist informed if you are prescribed to this type of medication. If you are still unsure on whether dental implants are suitable for you, contact us at 1728 Dental to clarify your doubts and determine your suitability for the procedure.

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